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How we got started.

Learning that a child is suffering from a life-threatening illness is surely the darkest day in any parent’s life. The feeling of helplessness. The desperation. It’s an emotional rollercoaster ride even without the added stress of trying to figure out how to pay for treatment.

Hundreds of parents find themselves in this situation every day. Just like Joey Bella’s parents did in 1986 when he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphatic Leukemia. Friends and family helped raise money for a bone marrow transplant for Joey. However, sadly, he passed away before the transplant was possible.

Because of their intimate understanding of what families of gravely ill children go through, the Bella family and friends decided to establish The Joey Bella Memorial Fund. Their goal was to provide financial assistance and emotional support to other families in the Denville area who find themselves trying to cope with caring for a seriously ill child.

Every penny we receive goes towards helping other families.

The Joey Bella Memorial Fund is an all-volunteer organization. No one on our board or staff receive any financial compensation. So you can rest assured that every donation you send will be used in its entirety to help other families in need.

Since its inception, The Joey Bella Memorial Fund has helped over 50 families in and around the Denville area who needed assistance covering the health care and related expenses of a seriously ill child. In addition to financial support, we also work with families to help them obtain assistance through the New Jersey Children’s Catastrophic Illness Act.

Who qualifies for assistance.

The Joey Bella Memorial Fund is non-sectarian and non-denominational. Although it was originally created for children with leukemia and diseases that attack the bone marrow and blood system, young victims of other catastrophic illnesses or accidents who live in Denville and the surrounding areas are also eligible for assistance.

Anyone seeking our help must first file a formal application with our board to be sure certain income and financial requirements are met. Each family’s situation is treated with respect, consideration, and confidentiality. Assistance is then granted based on need and the availability of funds. We do not provide monetary grants directly to the families. Instead, we provide temporary financial support to help cover travel expenses and other financial obligations not covered by medical insurance.

Morris Country Human Services

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Morris County Interfaith Food Pantry

The Morris County Interfaith Food Pantry distribute supplemental and/or emergency food to eligible Morris County residents in need, provides hands
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NJ Anti-Hunger Coalition

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NJ Shares

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Township of Denville, NJ

The township of Denville is an indispensable partner for the
Joey Bella Memorial Fund.

NJ State Human Services

The New Jersey department of Human Services web site provides information of the Children’s Catastrophic Medical Relief Fund as well as the commission for the blind and other services.


Describes information, services, and includes a self-assesment program to determine if you are eligible for programs.